In all its shapes.

MyP Magnetica Italiana is an Italian company, with new operational headquarters in Parma (PR), focused on the production of plasto-magnets and on the development and marketing of products and technologies based on magnets. It is always ready to collaborate in the study of new applications and can boast a technical knowledge of feasibility that has allowed the creation of magnetic products that are technically and economically advanced.
MyP Magnetica Italiana has developed the FLEXO and FLEXO MAG line of flexible magnets in Plastoferrite, isotropic and anisotropic, with an ever-increasing number of applications that have made it one of the top manufacturers in Europe. MyP Magnetica Italiana has invested in innovative CNC numerical control cutting machines, which allow it to obtain FLEXO and FLEXO MAG products in different shapes and sizes.
Consolidated partnerships with European and non-European companies, allow MyP Magnetica Italiana to:
  • market all sorts of magnet-based products, articles, objects and technologies.
  • follow the full design process, from prototyping the magnet model to its large-scale production.

MyP Magnetica Italiana’s main objectives are the Quality constancy, deriving from the continuous controls made in all processing stages, and the evolution of the products to satisfy the needs and wants of the users as much as possible, all guaranteed by a Management System Quality certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

MyP Magnetica Italiana
is sponsor of Zebre Rugby PARMA

The materials

Magnetic ferrite rubber

The plastoferrites produced by MyP Magnetica Italiana S.r.l. are: FLEXO 120 - oriented, anisotropic, FLEXO 150 - oriented, anisotropic, FLEXO 180 - oriented, anisotropic,, FLEXO 75 - undirected, isotropic.
Our magnets can be supplied with colored surfaces, with a single-sided colored tape and/or with a double-sided surface.

Neodymium magnetic rubber

The neodymium magnetic rubber, or more commonly called "plasto-neodymium", is obtained by mixing Neodymium powders with rubber.

Neodymium Iron Boron Sintered (NdFeB)

Sintered Neodymium (NdFeB) is the permanent magnet that guarantees the maximum concentration of energy available today.


Ferrite is obtained by mixing the iron oxide with the carbonate of strontium or barium, through the sintering process.

Samarium and Cobalt (SmCo)

This type of magnet was the first based on rare earths and cobalt. Its magnetic properties approach those of neodymium, with higher operating temperatures, from 200° up to 350° C.

Alnico (AlNiCo)

This magnet called Alnico was created by a chemical reaction with Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt.

The Magnetization

There are various types of magnetization (axial, 2 polarity, multiple polarity), each dedicated to the required functions.

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